Opening Hours: Mon - Sun 11.30am – 24.00pm
About Us
Regato is a restaurant for authentic moments of pleasure, with a unique aesthetic and a wide variety of tastes, ready to welcome you in the friendliest way and to surprise you with our quality of services.
Our Chef says: "Our goal is not just to serve food, but to serve you great food as well as to guarantee your satisfaction and that you and your guests will have the time of your life when coming to us!"
An atmosphere characterized by its friendliness, warmth, home care, traditional dishes as well as international cuisine.
During your visit, you will feel a great sense of family warmth, because we love what we do and we all want to share this delightful experience...
Regato is the right place if you want to impress your family, friends or colleagues. The ideal place for Business lunches, birthday parties, wedding dinners, christenings and hen's nights, anniversaries, company presentations, theme nights, corporate & cocktail parties.
Our menu includes dishes to satisfy every taste for every special occasion you may have at any time of day or night!


Regato... for every Moment!